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Sub 3.30 Marathon Training Plan Blueprint

    The sub 3.30 marathon training plan blueprint is a mini-course covering specific training strategies taught by 2:19:35 marathoner, Nate Pennington. 

    “What if I put in months of training and still miss the sub 3:30 marathon barrier?”

    The sub 3:30 marathon barrier is not for the faint of heart. It is a standard that very few athletes achieve and for good reason, much is required. 
    Racing results come to those who train specifically and that is to run under 8:23 mile pace over the classic 26.2 mile distance. 
    Far too many runners think higher mileage is the answer and yet put in the work and still miss their goal—frankly — no one has time for that. Your goal is to use leverage and get better results, faster.
    There are athletes around the world capable of breaking the 3:30 marathon barrier but often times fall short by seconds or several minutes. This can be corrected. What happens usually to marathoners?

    They put in the heavy mileage, often times at paces not sufficient enough to get the results they are seeking, grow impatient and resort to thinking they may just not have what it takes. We will change that with this course.  
    Do you feel that your rate of progress has been too slow? Do you feel you are going backwards more than going forwards or that it may take years to see the progress you’re aiming for
    Have you tried speeding up the process to achieve success by purchasing online cookie-cutter marathon training schedules that do not provide the results you are seeking? If so, you are not alone. There are countless marathoners around the world stating their results work promising new personal bests. This course isn’t a cookie-cutter plan nor am I going to be easy on you. What you are aiming to do is run an elite time. 3:30 is not going to fall on your lap. 
    You may have watched YouTube videos, read blog posts or listened to podcasts trying to implement what you’ve learned. Kudos to you. At least you are a winner and making winning moves in order to make it to the next level in your training and racing. But you tried to make it work. Somehow.  
    This is your last hope, the hail Mary. If this investment doesn’t work, you’ll be back at square one.  

    And then … it doesn’t work.  
    So, you followed a cookie-cutter marathon training schedule. You missed you’re a personal best by a few minutes, but your dreams of breaking the sub 3:30 marathon barrier are once again placed on hold.
    Thinking back, you resign yourself in knowing you may have been too impatient, ran too many miles and didn’t seek out a 3:30 marathon course from someone who has run an elite marathon time. 



    Course Introduction

    Welcome To The Sub 3.30 Marathon Training Plan BluePrint
    • 4 mins
    • 269 MB

    The Mistakes You Need To Avoid

    This lesson will cover the main mistakes I have made as well as many others and what not do to. The goal is to ensure you learn from the mistakes of others so you get the highest return on investment with your training.
    What NOT To Do During Your Sub 3.30 Marathon Build Up
    • 9 mins
    • 696 MB
    What You SHOULD DO During Your Sub 3:30 Marathon Buildup
    • 16 mins
    • 1.2 GB

    Race Pace Training Strategies

    The Physiological Benefits of Training Far Below 8:00 Mile Pace
    • 8 mins
    • 611 MB

    The Long Run Strategy That Your Competition Is Not Focused On

    The Long Run Technique Most Of Your Competition Is Not Using
    • 16 mins
    • 1.16 GB
    How To NOT Experience Hitting The Wall
    • 6 mins
    • 418 MB

    Why Mental Training Matters In Running A 3:29:59 Marathon

    Mental Training Tips To Break The 3.30 Marathon Barrier
    • 9 mins
    • 693 MB

    Heart Rate Monitor Training

    This lesson I will cover how I got started with heart rate monitor training and why I think it is vital for your sub 3.30 marathon training plan success.
    Why Heart Rate Monitor Training is Critical To Run A 3:29:59 Marathon
    • 12 mins
    • 905 MB

    Sub 3.30 Marathon Training Plan

    Below you will find the 16-week sub 3:30 marathon training schedule I created specifically for you. It will walk you through the exact workouts you need to focus on to sustain 8:00 per mile pace over the 26.2 mile distance.
    16 Week Sub 3 30 Marathon Plan.pdf
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    Nate Pennington is a great coach, a nationally competitive athlete, and just a really good guy. His steadfast work ethic and intense dedication to the sport ensures that his athletes will enjoy
    individual attention and thoughtful coaching

    Luke Watson, 2:15 marathoner, 3:57 miler

    Let’s be real, how does an athlete sustain 8:23 mile pace over 26.2 miles?

    Putting in high mileage is one thing. Implementing a strategy to sustain 8:23 or faster per mile pace over the 26.2-mile distance takes more than interest.  Only the committed who are following proven training strategies used by the world’s top coaches and athletes will make this goal a reality.
    Maintaining and being able to hold under 8:23 per mile pace is an entirely different world compared to running a marathon for fun.  
    When you decide fully commit to running a 3.29.59 marathon, you’re hit from all angles as to what the correct process is to finally achieve this goal.
    When you focus on sustaining this pace over the marathon distance, you’re faced not only with what types of workouts are needed to follow on a routine based but also finding out how to not slow down during the race. Every marathoner wants to run faster but only those all in and fully committed will invest to ensure their goals become reality. It is very easy to give in especially since you are going after such a fast time. 
    You feel there is so much noise in the world of running. What is the proper amount of mileage needed to be complete each week? What specific workouts should you be doing? What paces should you be running at during your long runs? It all adds up on the athlete. What if there was a way to bypass all the unknowns and follow a step-by-step proven plan taught by some of the world’s top distance running coaches?
    Have you ever considered hiring an elite marathoner to help guide you under the 3:30 marathon barrier? Often times it can feel like you are looking for a needle in a haystack. And when you finally find him/her, the investment in hiring an athletic consultant makes you think twice.
    It might seem like you’re left with few options or that it may be better just to forget about investing and following a free cookie-cutter plan that may not even work.
    But there’s one more option left.
    "I have witnessed Nate's determination in training. He cares about the athletes he mentors and his training philosophy works. I recommend him!"

    Dan Browne, 2:11 marathoner, two-time Olympian

    What if you could break the 3:30 marathon barrier with less mileage and work?

    What holds many runners back from breaking the 3:30 marathon barrier isn’t lack of ability. It is poor planning and rushing the system. You can always find time to put in the mileage and prepare to run faster but what do the best do to recover from their hard training? Why do some marathoners make it look so easy? What are they doing that you are not? 
    The only thing that has held you back up to this point is improper habits. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. It’s time to break habits of the past and start using leverage instead.
    Now just imagine what you could do if you started training like world-class marathoner and followed a proven step-by-step system the world’s best follow? This same system is how I dropped my marathon time from 2.43.36 to 2.19.35.
    Imagine the elation and relief you would feel if you could improve your lactate tolerance in such a way that you did not slow down during your race and finished full of energy. You cross the finish line several seconds to minutes faster than 3 hours and 30 minutes
    Imagine following the same training strategies a sub 2.20 marathoner used to help you get the result you have been searching for.
    The feeling of confidence and taking control of your marathon performance is literally just a click away. Because I have something to tell you. 

    Who Created This Course?

    Nathan Pennington is a former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program and 2.19 marathoner. He is the founder of RunDreamAchieve, a website devoted to helping athletes use leverage to get better results.

    Nathan brings over 28 years of experience to the running courses he teaches. He is an 18-year active duty medical Officer in the Army and coaches beginner to elite-level 5K to marathon specialists from around the world. 

    Nathan is a two-time world armed forces cross-country qualifier and earned the 2008 USA Olympic Trials "A" standard marathon time finishing as the top American and in 4th place overall at the 2007 California International Marathon.

    Learn how to dominate 8:23 mile pace over the entire marathon distance.

    I’ve spent over 28 years teaching beginner to elite-level 5K to marathon specialists how to use leverage to get better results. I’ve finally decided to pack all the background and expertise I have been taught by some of the world’s top athletes and coaches into a step-by-step, in-depth course that teaches marathoners the exact steps they need to take each day and month in order to demolish the 3:30 marathon barrier.
    Racing over the entire 26.2 mile distance is a science. Running a marathon is one thing, racing a marathon at under 8:23 mile pace is an art form. You’ll be following a proven step-by-step blueprint system that teaches marathoners how to training efficiently to get the results they desire via the success principle of leverage.
    You’ll receive access to specific training methodologies I’ve been taught by three world-renowned distance running coaches, one of which who just so happens to be a Boston Marathon champion.   
    I’ll teach you the exact same strategies I followed that helped me lower my marathon from 2.43.36 to 2.19.35
    Additionally, I'll be sharing with you all of this in 14+ video lessons that contain 3+ hours of great content and concludes with a 16-week training scheduled focused on helping you master sub 3:30 marathon pace. The exact marathon training program that I followed to run 2.19.35 for the marathon distance.
    You’ll learn everything about how to break the 3:30 marathon barrier, including how to:  
    • The main areas of your training you MUST avoid in order to run 3.29.59.
    • The exact strategies NEED to follow in order to sustain 3 hour 30 minute marathon pace over 26.2 miles.
    • The physiological benefits of training far below 7-minute mile pace.
    • What you need to do in order to never experience the so-called “Wall” ever again and finish the race in record time.
    • The one major strategy your competition is not focusing on and is worth the entire price of the course by itself.
    But there’s more.

    I’ve decided to give you far more than just this course …

    I’m sure you’ve read countless articles, books and listened to others about how to run faster over the marathon distance. Tell me this — how many of them have covered the minute details of how to train specific enough to achieve the physiological adaptations needed in order to run far below the 3:30 marathon barrier? This is a science and running fast is an art form. One that you will achieve through this course.
    There are plenty of “experts” sharing advice on how to minimize the “slow down” effect, no one talks sufficiently enough about the power of mindset, proper heart rate zones you need to be at during easy, moderate and highly anaerobic efforts. It’s time to stop trying to find the solution which often times can feel like finding a needle in a hay stack.
    By investing in the Sub 3:30 Marathon Training Plan Blueprint course, we’ll eliminate that completely.  
    You’ll will have the confidence in knowing you are being taught by someone who has achieved what is you are seeking to do yourself. Because not only are you getting access to the full e-course, you’re also getting access to the knowledge I have been taught. Additionally, you’ll be able to bypass the mistakes other marathoners continue to make and learn the exact steps you need to follow to achieve the 3.29.59 marathon time you have been aiming for. 
    You’ll be following the exact same training methodologies and strategies I learned from three of the world’s top coaches. Jack Hazen, assistant men’s and women’s track and field coach for the 2004 USA Olympic Team, Lisa Rainsberger, 1985 Boston Marathon Champion. Lastly, Dr. Joe Vigil, a world-renowned exercise physiologist and one of the world’s most respected distance running coaches.
    You will also have access to all new updates the course comes with. The course will conclude with the exact 3 hour 30 minute marathon training plan needed in order to run 3.59.59 or faster.
    I’ll be there for you every step of the way.  
    If you have had issues holding sub 3:30 marathon pace in the past, I’ll prove to you that you can get better results using leverage less mileage over high mileage and not training at the proper paces. 
    You’ll be receiving personal access to me and other students. In so doing, you’ll be eliminating the only obstacle that might have prevented you from becoming a 3.29.59 marathoner in the past. You will have me as your one-on-one personal coach throughout the program.
    And remember, having a professional right by your side, someone you can completely trust, is worth more than you can imagine.

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    30-day Money-Back Guarantee*

    This course took nearly a year to complete. I created it because I am committed to the athletes who invest in their personal development. I, too, invested in several course over the years just like you. My goal was much like yours and that was to learn from those who had done what I aspired to do.
    This course has come to fruition due to receiving requests from athletes who read my blog and wanted personal coaching. These same athletes were seeking better ways to achieve greater results. I want to show you what you need to do to destroy the 3:30 marathon barrier, and I want you to use the tips taught in this e-course and so you can see for yourself how using leverage can create the lasting results you have sought after in your performances.  
    I’ve been planning to launch the Sub 3:30 Marathon Training Plan Blueprint course for nearly a year. And to make it a reality, I made the decision to invest all of my energies and time into creating an elite and professional course that could get more marathoners around the world under the 3:30 marathon barrier.
    The knowledge I’m sharing in this course is what I’ve been taught over the past 28 years working with world-class coaches and elite marathoners. The processes I’ll teach you in the class are the same strategies I followed to run 2.19.35.
    That’s why I completely trust you’ll succeed if you follow what I cover in this course.  
    But if you follow the strategies, complete the workouts, stay focused and implement and follow the 10-day taper and STILL don’t feel like you’re making any progress, I’ll personally work one-on-one with you and identify the pain point giving you issues. And if that won’t work either, I’ll give you a full refund. I’m all in for your success.

    The Time is NOW to become a 3.29.59 marathoner.

    You’re just a step away from knowing the exact steps needed to finally break the 3:30 marathon barrier.  
    You’re just a click away from having 100% confidence in knowing what sustaining 8:23 mile pace for 26.2-mile entails. A click away from knowing exactly what you need to do to minimize slowing down and maintaining your goal marathon race pace for the entire race distance. 
    You’re so close, you can feel the success of tomorrow.  
    Make that step today.