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It's Time To Demolish The 4 Hour Marathon Barrier.

In this course you will earn the exact strategies I was taught that helped me drop from 2:43:36 to 2:19:35 for the marathon.
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“What if I train hard for 16 weeks and nothing happens?”

Training to break the 4-hour marathon barrier is like a complex machine with a lot of cogs and wheels you can position in different ways.  
If you train specific to your 9:09 mile pace correctly, your racing results will flourish with the help of effective and proven training strategies the best marathoners in the world follow. 
If you focus on high mileage and less on quality mileage, you risk missing breaking the sub 4-hour marathon barrier — frankly — that sucks and that is what we want to ensure you never experience.
Unfortunately, this is far more common among marathoners than I care to discuss. Here's what usually happens
You train your ass off and you’re not quite able to sustain the pace, and you’re growing impatient.  
The rate of your progress has been downright sad. You are making some gains, but at your pace, it may take years to see the progress you’re aiming for.  
To speed up the process, you have tried purchasing or trying out cookie-cutter 4-hour marathon training plans online to no avail. After all, you’ve seen countless online coaches and websites create 4-hour marathon training plans promising amazing results.  
You may have watched a few webinars, read a couple RunnersWorld blog posts and implement what you’ve learned. At least you have tried to do your best because the marathon strategies you followed may have been superficial and vague. But you tried to make it work. Somehow.  
This is your last hope, the ace up your sleeve. If this doesn’t work, you’ll be back at square one.  
And then … it doesn’t work.  

You followed a cookie-cutter sub 4-hour marathon plan. You cut a few seconds off your old best, but your dreams of breaking the sub 4-hour marathon are, yet again, crushed.  
Thinking back, you conclude that you’ve been too ambitious to begin with and you promise yourself never to do that again.  Seriously, where do you even start with trying to sustain 9:09 per mile pace over 26.2 miles?
Making a decision to finally break the sub 4-hour marathon barrier by investing in training schedules and coaching is one thing.  
But following that through successfully is an entirely different world.  
When you decide to train efficiently to run a 3.59.59 marathon, you’re bombarded with conflicting information about what the best training strategy in order to do this.   
When you try to pace yourself over the distance, you’re faced not only with the many complexities of holding 9:09 mile pace without slowing down but also the fact that the unknown of if what you are doing in training is scientifically sound. And often times it seems impossible to keep up with noise of so many people telling you how to become a 3.59.59 or faster marathoner. After all, you’re not an elite athlete just yet.  
That’s why at one point you maybe even consider hiring an elite marathoner, only to realize that finding someone with years of priceless expertise and in-depth background about the marathon is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And when you finally find him/her, the cost of hiring an elite athlete and consultant makes you think twice about how to proceed.  
It might seem like you’re left with no options and that it would be better just to forget about investing in your personal development as a marathoner.  
But there’s one more option left.
What if you could break the 4-hour marathon barrier using leverage? The thing that’s holding you back from breaking the sub 4-hour marathon barrier isn’t lack of time or your capability. Because you can always find time to put in the mileage and prepare to run faster. 
The only thing that’s holding you back is lack of precise strategy that top elite marathoners use.

Now just imagine what you could do if you could use leverage by following a proven step-by-step system that would help you sustain pace, run faster and not hit the so-called “Wall”.
Imagine the rush of excitement you would feel if you could get a deep understanding of how to train in order to clear lactic acid faster than it is building up in your bloodstream when you race, gain confidence, and use this strategy to your own advantage.  
Imagine learning how to do all of that from someone that has done what you wish to do and broken not only the sub 4-hour marathon but the sub-2:20 marathon barrier.  
The feeling of taking back control of your growth is literally just a click away. Because I have something to tell you.  
I have witnessed Nate's determination in training. He cares about the athletes he mentors and his training philosophy works. I recommend him!"
Dan Browne, 2:11:35 Marathoner, two-time Olympian

What's included?

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Introduction To The Course
What Is Needed To Dominate The 4 Hour Marathon
Health Disclaimer
About The Instructor
About Your Instructor
Module 1: Long Run Strategies
Why So Many Runners Fail At Breaking The 4 Hour Barrier
The Exact Formula To Follow Regarding Long Runs
The Importance Of Heart Rate Monitor Training And Why Top Marathoners Use Them
How I Went From 2:43:36 to 2:19:35. Helpful Strategies You Can Use To Get Under 4 Hours
Module 2 - Why Tempo Runs Are Critical To Achieving A 3:59:59 Time
My Tempo Run Strategy That Helped Me Get To 2:19:35
Top Tempo Run Workouts I Used To Crack The Sub-2:20:00 Marathon Barrier
The Real Reason Tempo Runs Are So Important In Breaking The Sub-4 Hour Marathon
Module 3 - Interval Training: Strategies That Helped Me Get To 2:19:35
Why Interval Training Matters In Sustaining Goal Marathon Race Pace
How Much Rest Is Needed Between Intervals?
8 mins
How To Ensure No Mistakes Are Made During Your Sub 4 Hour Marathon Build-Up
The Power of Persistence And Why You Must Rely On It To Get To 3:59:59
Module 4 - MasterMind Strategies To Help You Run 3:59:59
Plan Your Work And Work Your Plan - The Steps You MUST Follow To Break 4 Hours
How To Improve Your Fluid And Caloric Intake During Training To Break 4 In The Race
Why Mixing Up Your Long Run Paces Are Essential To Becoming A 3:59:59 Marathoner
Why Race Pace Training Will Help You Dominate The Sub-4 Hour Marathon
How To Never Experience The So-Called "Wall"
Helpful Treadmill Running Strategies To Conquer The 4 Hour Marathon
Module 5 - The 16 Week Sub 4 Hour Marathon Attack Plan
Week 1 - Introductory Thoughts and Workouts
Week 2 - Stamina Building and Adaptation Phase
Week 3 - Building Strength & Gaining Confidence
Week 4 - Adaptation
Week 5 - Results & Process
Week 6 - Working on Leg Speed & Strength
Week 7 - Implementing Sub 4 Hour Marathoner Mindset & Processes
Week 8 - Specific Training Sub-4 Hour Marathoners Use
Week 9 - Sub 4 Marathon Mastery Cross Check
Week 10 - Fine Tuning
Week 11 - Recovery Week
Week 12 - Training Specifically For 3:59:59
Week 13 - Leg Speed Focus
Week 14 - The Final 21 Days
Week 15 - Taper Phase
Week 16 - Race Week
Affiliate Program
How to Join The RunDreamAchieve Affiliate Program
RunDreamAchieve Affiliate Program
5 mins
Sub 4 Hour Marathon Training Schedule
Sub 4 Hour Marathon Mastery Plan.pdf
5.82 MB

Learn how to sustain sub-9:09 mile pace over the entire 26.2 mile distance effectively.

After having spent 28 years working with runners from all over the world ranging from total marathon beginners to sub-2:30 marathon specialists, I finally decided to pack all the knowledge the world’s top distance coaches taught me into a comprehensive course that teaches any athlete how to dip under the 4 hour marathon too.  
The Science of running the classic 26.2 mile distance is literally a step-by-step blueprint system that teaches athletes to use leverage rather than working hard and missing their time goals.
You’ll get access to the knowledge I have learned from three of the world’s top distance running coaches including a 1985 Boston Marathon champion.   
I’ll teach you the same techniques and strategies I learned that helped me lower my personal marathon best from 2.43.36 to 2.19.35
And I'll share all of that in-depth knowledge of marathon race pace training with you in 37 text lessons that contain 3+ hours of great content and that concludes with a 16-week, sub 4-hour marathon training plan. The exact training schedule I followed to run under the 2.20 marathon barrier.
You’ll learn everything about how to break the 4-hour marathon barrier, including how to:  
  • Why so many runners fail at breaking the 4-hour marathon barrier.
  • The exact method I used to go from 2.43.36 to 2.19.35.
  • The importance of heart rate monitor training and why the world’s top marathoners use it.
  • A major strategy most of your competition are not using in regards to long runs.
  • Specific training workouts that are essential for you to hold under 9:09 mile pace for the entire 26.2 mile race.
  • New video tutorial updates
But there’s more.

Nate Pennington is a great coach, a nationally competitive athlete, and just a really good guy. His steadfast work ethic and intense dedication to the sport ensures that his athletes will enjoy
individual attention and thoughtful coaching. 
Luke Watson, 3:57 miler, 2:15 marathoner

I’m giving you more than just the course …

You’ve read and seen hundreds of thousands of blog posts, videos, and articles on how to run a sub 4-hour marathon. But tell me — how many of them talked about the exact strategies the world’s top runners use to never have to experience the “Wall”? 
While they all love sharing advice on pace sustainment, no one talks about the aftermath of all that hard work and still missing your goal.
By joining Sub 4 Hour Marathon Mastery, we’ll eliminate that completely.  
You’ll never have to worry about being unsure if the training you are doing will provide the result you are searching for. Because not only are you getting access to the full e-course, you’re also getting access to me as your personal coach and a large world community of students that are going through the course.  
I’ll be teaching you the same strategies three of the world’s top coaches taught to me. Dr. Joe Vigil, a world-renowned exercise physiologist and coach, my collegiate coach Jack Hazen, assistant men’s and women’s track and field coach for the 2004 USA Olympic Team. Lastly, Lisa Rainsberger, the 1985 Boston Marathon champion.  
You will also have access to all new updates the course comes with. The course also concludes with the exact sub 4-hour marathon training schedule you need to follow in order to run 3.59.59 or faster.
I’ll be there for you every step of the way.  
If you have had issues holding sub 4-hour marathon pace in the past, I’ll explain to you how to use leverage and show you how to succeed in your next attempt.  
By giving you personal access to me and other students, we’re eliminating the only obstacle that might have prevented you from becoming a 3.59.59 marathoner in the past. You’ll always be able to lean on me and my experience.  
And remember, having a professional right by your side, someone you can completely trust, is worth more than you can imagine.

30-day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee*

This course is not something I take lightly. I’m not doing it because I have nothing better to do. I created it because I care about the success of the athletes that come to me for help.  
This course has come to fruition because I want to help athletes like yourself. I want to show you what you need to do to demolish the sub 4-hour marathon barrier, and I want you to unleash the strategies taught in this e-course and see for yourself how using leverage can supercharge your training and racing results.  
I’ve been planning to launch the Sub 4 Hour Marathon Mastery course for nearly 2 years. And to make it a reality, I made the decision to invest my time into creating a professional course that could get more marathoners around the world under this time barrier once and for all. 
The knowledge I’m giving away in my course is the knowledge I’ve collected over 28 years of working with world-class athletes and coaches. The processes I’ll teach you in the class are the same processes I followed to run 2.19.35.
That’s why I completely trust you’ll succeed if you implement what I teach in this course.  
But if you follow my process, do the workouts, follow the 10-day taper and STILL don’t feel like you’re making any progress, I’ll personally work with you and identify what piece is missing from the puzzle. If that still doesn't work either, I’ll give you a full refund.  

Today IS the first day of the rest of your life

You’re just a step away from knowing the exact steps needed to finally break the sub 4-hour marathon barrier.  

You’re just a click away from having 100% confidence in improving your marathoning skills. 

A click away from knowing exactly what you need to do to sustain sub-9:09 mile pace over the 26.2-mile distance and which step you need to take to outsmart your competition on and off the roads.
You’re so close, you can feel the success of tomorrow.  
Make that step today. 

Who Created This Course?

Nathan Pennington is the owner of RunDreamAchieve LLC, 2:19 marathoner and a former member of the US Army World Class Athlete Program.

Nathan is the creator of several online running courses devoted to helping beginner to elite-level athletes to use leverage to get results faster.

He brings over 28 years of experience to the Sub 4 Hour Marathon Mastery course and the strategies covered here are what helped him to break the sub 2:20 marathon barrier shown to your left.

4 Hour Marathon Pace Mastery

I'll Teach You Everything You Need To Know To Break The 4 Hour Marathon Barrier. Master The Sub 4 Hour Marathon Pace in 16 Weeks.